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The Best Material for Commercial Building Construction

Posted on January 23, 2015 by Chelsey

Before you hire a Houston general construction services company, you probably want to know what is the best material for commercial building construction. You will, most likely, learn that steel is the preferred choice.

The History of Steel

Builders have been using steel for many years because it has been so successful. Contractors started to build skyscrapers in major cities with steel in the latter part of the 19th century, and this encouraged people everywhere to follow their lead. Before steel came onto the scene, the material of choice was cast iron. Builders learned that steel was stronger and if they placed steel beams inside of concrete, they had buildings that resisted fire more efficiently than other type of construction.

Steel fulfilled people’s needs years ago, but you may be wondering if it continues to be the best material for commercial construction. Recently, steel companies’ stocks have been falling, so you might think that steel is going out of style. The problem is that the recent recession affected the steel industry because people were not building as much as they had in the past.

Steel Buildings Are Durable

The simple truth is that buildings made with steel last. Contractors built steel structures all over the country where there can be high winds and extreme weather conditions. These buildings survived snow, ice, hurricanes and other elements that would adversely affect other structures, and they continue to stand.

Steel Is Versatile

When you hire a Houston build to suit contractor, you will work with industry professionals who can design and build a custom building that will meet your specifications. The material that is most appropriate for most commercial buildings is steel because it is the most versatile material. For example, a steel building is appropriate for agriculture, horse arenas, office and storage buildings and youth centers.

Is Inexpensive Steel

Steel is popular because it is highly cost-effective. One reason for this is the fact that steel is manufactured to design specifications then delivered to the construction site. Steel does not need to be welded, and is ready to be assembled. These savings allowed businesses to construct larger buildings than they originally thought they could afford.

Steel Is Pleasing to the Eye

Steel can be made to look any way you wish. If you are adding a new building to your property, your Houston general contractor can finish it in a color that matches or accents the rest of the building.

Alternatives to Steel

Steel has its good points, but contractors are starting to use other materials as well. Wood, for example, is known to be renewable and durable. Also, those who are looking for an alternative to steel often choose engineered timber.

More builders are using composite materials rather than steel because composites can be even more durable than steel in certain applications. Furthermore, if composite materials become damaged, contractors do not have to use the heavy equipment needed for repairing a steel building. Therefore, repairs can be less costly.

The Verdict

Steel is one of the most environmentally friendly substances in use today. It can be recycled without losing its properties, and this cannot be said of many other options. Steel does not create as many waste products as wood does.
Steel offers many advantages, but it does have some drawbacks. Builders must add extra insulation to create an energy-efficient building. If the dwelling is going to be constructed in a humid area, contractors must protect the steel with extra layers of anti-corrosives.

When everything mentioned is considered, many business owners have come to the conclusion that steel is the material of choice for commercial buildings.