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The Benefits of Using a Commercial Construction General Contractor

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Chelsey

To get the best results on a new construction project, it makes good sense to hire a Houston general contractor. Many Houston business owners do not realize the advantages that a general contractor can bring to their construction project.

What Is a General Contractor?

Simply put, a general contractor is an expert who can provide everything necessary to successfully manage and finish your venture, including roofing, construction, flooring, plumbing, electrical work and anything else that is required. In most cases, general contractors have a wide network of subcontractors who have worked for them and whose work they trust. Thanks to their working familiarity and the possibility of obtaining new work in the future, subcontractors tend to respond with their best efforts in terms of quality and productivity.

When you enlist a Houston general construction services company, you will not have to waste your time worrying about any processes related to their assignments. You merely explain your needs for the project, and they will select the most qualified subcontractors to handle all the various aspects of construction for you. A Houston build to suit company carries liability insurance, which will come in handy in case there are any accidents or if any damages occur to your site, such as fire or vandalism.

General contractors usually have their own material suppliers who can provide everything needed for the project. Those connections will save you money and help finish the project quickly. They can get you get the highest quality at a better price than you would find on your own. A qualified general contractor is certainly aware of material costs.

  • Steel availability is currently low because a number of mills had to close. That shortage is to blame for higher steel prices.
  • The cost of marble and granite has decreased.
  • Gypsum and wood prices have not been this low for 10 years.
  • Lumber costs are slightly lower than they were last year.
  • The price of products like rubber roofing, mats, flooring and PVC foam insulation has increased.
  • Metal, paint, cement and drywall prices have all increased.

Advantages of Hiring A Houston General Contractor

You will enjoy numerous advantages by hiring a Houston general contractor.

  • Bigger, more complicated projects become easier to manage because the details are in the hands of the general contractor. This includes finding subcontractors, assuring that the work has been completed correctly, paying the subcontractors and other necessities.
  • A general contractor serves as a buffer between you and the subcontractors. For example, if there is a problem with the electricity, the electrician will contact the general contractor. You do not have to be in direct contact with them to address day to day challenges.
  • Any incidental work that pops up during the project is handled by the general contractor. If the flooring subcontractor arrives at the job site, but there is still debris piled in one of the rooms, your general contractor will deal with it instead of you.
  • Their experience coordinating the general aspects of jobs will pay off with faster completion. They know what order to get things completed, as well as where, when and how to get the various required permits and how to secure insurance, licensing and bonding.
  • Because general contractors have a history of providing their subcontractors with employment, usually a general contractor will receive preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling your project. The subcontractors want the general contractor to be pleased and bring them more jobs.

All these benefits will add up to a faster, smoother project. Your general contractor will reduce your sleepless nights by assuming control of the project. It is a great comfort to have a general contractor handling all the details and problems inherent on a job site.