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Houston Tilt-Wall Construction – General Contractor

The idea behind tilt-wall construction has existed since ancient times, and never really went out of style as American settlers adapted tilt-wall construction for use in their barn raisings. Although in the past, tilt-wall construction was often done using wood and other materials, our Houston commercial construction company uses rebar-reinforced concrete to create the strong walls we need to build industrial buildings. Tilt-wall construction is used in as many as 15 percent of all industrial buildings today.

Our Houston tilt-wall construction company can help you learn more about how tilt-wall construction can benefit your commercial or industrial construction project. You may be able to realize valuable cost savings and a faster completion schedule for a variety of industrial or commercial projects, including office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, distribution centers, and other structures.

The savings do not stop once construction has ended. Our tilt-wall commercial buildings are durable, easy to maintain and repair or expand, and tend to be fire safe as well as secure. These characteristics can lead to reduced insurance premiums and lower overall operating costs.

Contact Horizon Development and Construction in Houston, Texas, today to learn more about your options for tilt-wall construction and to schedule a consultation for an estimate on your commercial or industrial project.